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Once the light of the moon touches our skin, we transform into the monsters that keep the humans from entering our territory. That is what we are. We are the pack.

June 2019

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This application is simply just an app. Please erase where ever I've put little notes to guide you on your way as to what to fill out, and please remember to erase all the little '*' from the beginning of the code, this will ensure that all the codes work properly and your application will still have the desired effects of bold, italics, and underlining.

[*center] This is where something goes

[*b]~All About You~[/b]
This section is all about you, please just give the other users a brief description about you so they know who they're playing with, and if you may have other characters that they would like a thread with.

[*b]Your Name[/b]: (You are welcome to use a nickname)

[*b]Your Age[/b]: (you don't have to write out the date, but please let users know how old you are, or at least a rather close number to your age ;P)

[*b]Your Email[/b]: (you do not have to fill this out, but it will help other users if they need to contact you for a thread. [/center]

[*b]~Your Muse~[/b]

[*b]Name[/b]: (real name or band name, or both! You choose)

[*b]Age[/b]: (you can make up however old they are)

[*b]Band[/b]: (this is so that people know who you're talking about. There are a lot of Aki's and Ruki's floating around, try to remember this and make sure you label who you're using from what band properly.)

[*b]Height[/b]: (this is where it gets fun, you actually don't have to follow the actual band member's information. Tora is actually 6'1", but I sometimes like to play him as a shorter character with just his face. Be creative or if you don't want to, you don't have to ^^ )

[*b]Rank Preference[/b]: (Please list what overall rank first i.e. Alpha, Beta, Omega; then list where within those ranks your character is i.e. hunter, scouter, guard, etc...) If you want to be the pack leader, then you will need to discuss this with Reita prior to noting it here.

[*b]Sexuality[/b]: (There is no judgement within the pack Wink )

[*b]Position[/b]: (Please put here whether your character is Dominant, Submissive, Switch, Completely Dominant, or Completely Submissive.) This will help determine what rank your character will be assigned.

[*b]Description[/b]: (Alright, time to get a little of those writing juices going. Write out how your character likes to look. These characters don't have a lot of clothes, so don't worry about what fabrics they like and what colors go with their eyes. Focus more on the actual eye color, hair color, fur color, do they like their tails out while they're human, stuff like that. Don't get into likes and dislikes or personality traits. That info will be needed later.)

Please write at least two paragraphs

[*center][*b]:Face shot: [/b]
[*i]pretty basic right? Just upload a pretty face picture here, so that other users can see who your working with. Don't worry if it doesn't match everything you said (like if they have a scar over their left eye or something) this is just to get the desired effect of the face.[/i] [/center]

[*b]Personality[/b]: (Here's where it's going to get good~ Start listing traits that they have, perks and quirks. Try to steer clear of likes and dislikes, again, those will come later~)

Please write at least two paragraphs

[*b]Likes[/b]: (told you)


[*b]Strengths[/b]: (what is your character good at? )

[*b]Good Weaknesses[/b]: (for example: I go all gooey over a litter of pups)

[*b]Bad Weaknesses[/b]: (for example: I am allergic to nickle :/)

[*b]History[/b]: Did you read the rules? (Get those fingers ready, I want some juicy backgrounds here. If you're not sure what to write, take a look at the territory map. The pack will move around, so keep your eye on it. You might want to come from the village or another area of the country. Be descriptive, almost as if your telling a story. )

Please write at least 3 paragraphs.

[*b]Ritual[/b]: (This is your roleplay sample, yay~!! You're almost done! But wait! Before you get started, please please please do NOT write just any old roleplay sample. This is your introduction ritual. Since there is not a pack leader right now, you'll have to pretend [try to keep names out of this unless it's your own or you have permission from another mun]. Again, be descriptive. And please do NOT just copy another mun's roleplay sample and tailor it to your character. Similarities are fine and sometimes unavoidable, but I do not want the same ritual dance by three different muns. You can have a dance, just not the same one.)

Please write at least two paragraphs.

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