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Once the light of the moon touches our skin, we transform into the monsters that keep the humans from entering our territory. That is what we are. We are the pack.

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Trapped in the Den

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1Trapped in the Den Empty Trapped in the Den on Wed May 06, 2015 8:22 am


Dauphin could only process bits of the blurry action going on in the middle of one nap and the next. A fight, a new rapee, sex, healing, dinner? Barely any made sense to his auto-pilot mode (which he could've told anyone wasn't the smartest) and so he would fall back to sleep on his white stag pelt and dream until the next clustered chain of events would confuse him. Dauphin now could process a (rather one-sided) fight, between a giant beta with white fur and a nose speckled with gold, and a slightly less giant beta with a black muzzle and gray fur.

The first beta slammed into the second, causing him to recoil and unsuccessfully work his way out of the tackling blow. Dauphin could see the fear in the smaller wolf's eyes, and it stirred a great pleasure within him. Beta one bit with ferocity at beta two's neck, and a small trail of blood began to seep from his silvery fur, making Dauphin jealous that he could not jump into the fight.

More blood pooled on the floor, and the healer snapped at the (obviously) dominant beta to lay off. He glanced sideways at the annoying old woman before stepping off of the weaker beta's ribcage. Dauphin hummed happily as a few hominid-formed members of the pack exchanged rolled up fox pelts as a way of gambling, enjoying the twisted feelings that crept from within him. The healer worked over the small beta for what seemed like literal hours, Dauphin would fall asleep and wake up to find them still by the fire with herbs and other necessities.

He buried his face into his pelt, laughing quietly at the scene.

2Trapped in the Den Empty Re: Trapped in the Den on Thu May 28, 2015 7:36 pm


The rain had matted his fur, as he'd been out hunting for some small animals to help with the elder woman's stew. Some young rabbit would be best, he thought, gathering up the little critters that he had caught into his large jaws and began to walk slowly back towards the den.

Sounds of aggression, growling, fighting, and pain were not uncommon. In fsct, it seemed the betas and alphas enjoyed pushing one another around. Reita put down his trophies of the day and transformed back into his humanoid form, brushing his hair back, before he slipped into the main mouth of the den, and made his way over to the back where the previously mentioned old woman dished out her stew and bread.

The advisor to the leader smiled as he sat down the new meat for her, the old woman's face cracking in deep rinkles of a smile, as she pat his shoulder silently and went to work with skinning the animals skillfully.

Reita's eyes went back to the scene of the two betas fighting. It looked bad for the younger one, and when he couldn't take anymore, he motioned for the larger of them to get off. A smirk spread across the advisers face, before he walked forwards, one of the females gently touching at his chest. He didnt want her though, he was interested, instead, with maybe just something simple. Talking, perhaps.

He pulled away from her hands, and instead, watched as one of the omegas laughed softly at what had once been the display of dominance. "May I ask what you think is funny?" He asked, sitting down near the other on the white stag pelt, running his fingers through it. He was genuinely curious as to what the other was laughing at. It did amuse him when the odds worked in the favor of the stronger fighter, but it was always more entertaining to see a smaller one rise up.

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