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Once the light of the moon touches our skin, we transform into the monsters that keep the humans from entering our territory. That is what we are. We are the pack.

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The How To's

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How to move between ranks:
A wolf can come in as a beta and move up to alpha or even leader by simply challenging the other wolves. Challenging can be brutal amongst the other alphas. A wolf must challenge another and the one who can no longer fight loses (ex: tapping out).

How to become a leader:
The leader is the strongest, but if a wolf feels that they are stronger than the leader, s/he must first challenge the toon leaders one at a time. This process can go on for months depending on how quickly the challenger heals. Once the challenger has taken on, and beat the adviser, then they must challenge the leader.

The challenge between the toon leaders and adviser are simply whoever taps out first loses and the winner, if the challenger, moves on, or if they lose, they can wait until their wounds are healed and try again, or forfeit the challenge against the leader.  However, the challenge between the leader and the challenger is a fight to the death, usually. There are circumstances at the end of the challenge before the final blow that the loser can beg for their life. Whoever begs, if the wish of life is granted, they will be stripped of any rank they once held and become an unranked omega. This goes to both the challenger and the leader. However, the winner has to make this choice on their own without any guidance or help. They generally kill their opponent. Whoever wins will become, or continue to be, the leader, but the adviser will take reign over the pack until the leader is healed.

How one becomes an Unranked Omega:
Stealing from others, killing others within the pack without proper justification or outside of a challenge (back stabbing, slitting throats, anything not deemed as honorable), fighting against a higher ranking alpha or beta to the death and pleading for life*. In some rare cases, if an omega that is a favorite among some alphas is taken by someone else, the alpha(s) have a right to challenge the other to a fight to the death. If the challenger wins, then they have a choice to make the natural omega an unranked omega, or keep them as intended. If the accused wins, they will be allowed to keep the omega until the mating moon. And if either one pleads for their life, they will, instead, become unranked omegas.

* Pleading for life is considered cowardly and dishonorable, and there is no place for dishonor within any of the ranks, but omega.

How to break free of being an Unranked Omega:
Some have managed it, but not many, considering what it takes to become one in the first place, many betas or alphas do not wish to anger anyone that the unranked omega may have afflicted originally. However, there are always exceptions. Mating is the only true way to break free of this rank. As it will be explained, a couple will mark one another with temporary brands for mating, and no one else is allowed to touch them. However, as an unranked omega, any marks will be seen and whoever owns the slave or whoever ruts with the slave has the freedom to challenge or petition a hunt for the alpha or beta that has tried to take the slave. This hunt cannot be carried out without the Leader’s full consent. But, the alpha does not have to mark their territory, but in this case, they cannot meet up until the night of the ritual. Getting to the hunting grounds for the mating ritual is another issue for the unranked omega because they are not allowed out of the living territory. Although this breaking free does break rules, if a couple is mated successfully, the outrank title will drop and the other will be considered a beta. If it fails, the alpha or beta that was trying to mate the other will either be unranked as well, or made to watch as the omega is again, taken by all that wish it, and then will either be unranked or killed.

There are rare circumstances in which the unranked can run away. If they are found within the grounds of their original pack, then the guards will kill them on sight without needing justification. If they make it to another pack or live on their own, the mark will generally tell the new pack what they were and the new pack will either take them in as their own unranked omega with no afflicted parties, send them away, or will remark the original brand with a slash to show that what the other did in the past will not follow him or her to their new life.

If in the off chance that a guard finds a runaway unranked omega, and does not kill them, they have to take them to the leader and the leader will make a second brand (or however many it is that the other has been found and returned) and the unranked will have to go through the ritual a second time and will generally be kept in chains in the middle of the pack territory for a year, then they will resume as an unranked omega as before. If the guard does not bring the omega to the leader right away and is found out, the guard will be unranked and the unranked omega will be killed.

How to request for a hunt for an unranked Mater:
If the afflicted is the one to notice this, they must go to the leader and/or adviser directly (depending on the urgency) and request for a hunt to be put together. If it is not the originally afflicted that finds out, this information must first be given to the afflicted and if they agree with the hunt, then they and the one that noticed this behavior will both go to the leader and/or adviser and request for the hunt.

If the hunt is approved:
The new afflicter will be given warning by a series of hunting calls from all who are hunting. If they run, they will be hunted down and torn to shreds and their wolf skull will be mounted where they fell. If they do not run, then they can chose to be unranked or possibly killed honorably (a challenge to the death with the afflicted if s/he is still living).

If they win the fight, then the chosen mate of the unranked can keep the slave until the next mating moon; if they lose, they die.

If the hunt is denied:
This is rare, as the leader doesn't want to seem weak for an unranked omega. But if s/he decides that it is not acceptable to hunt the other, then the other will be given protection and the unranked and they will be allowed to mate on the next moon.

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