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Child Application

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1Child Application Empty Child Application on Thu Apr 16, 2015 11:40 am


This Application is if your mun or a friend mun has a child and you're going to be playing them (: Please remember to read the rules because the checks still need to be on the app, and please remember to remove all the little *'s from the code so that it'll work properly.

[*center] This is where something goes

[*b]~All About You~[/b]
This section is all about you, please just give the other users a brief description about you so they know who they're playing with, and if you may have other characters that they would like a thread with.

[*b]Your Name[/b]: (You are welcome to use a nickname)

[*b]Your Age[/b]: (you don't have to write out the date, but please let users know how old you are, or at least a rather close number to your age ;P)

[*b]Your Email[/b]: (you do not have to fill this out, but it will help other users if they need to contact you for a thread.

[*b]~Your Muse~[/b][/center]

[*b]Name[/b]: (try not to use an actual band member, speak to Reita if you want to)

[*b]Age[/b]: (if you want to play in the forums as an infant, toddler, and young adult, then put the age variance ex: 1-18 yo)

[*b]Height[/b]: (this is where it gets fun, you actually don't have to follow the actual band member's information. Tora is actually 6'1", but I sometimes like to play him as a shorter character with just his face. Be creative or if you don't want to, you don't have to ^^ )

[*b]Rank Preference[/b]: for a child app, you do not have to put that they are a hunter or scouter, but still specify if they are an alpha of the litter, beta, or omega

[*b]Description[/b]: (Alright, time to get a little of those writing juices going. Write out how your character likes to look. These characters don't have a lot of clothes, so don't worry about what fabrics they like and what colors go with their eyes. Focus more on the actual eye color, hair color, fur color, do they like their tails out while they're human, stuff like that. Don't get into likes and dislikes or personality traits. That info will be needed later.)

Please write at least one paragraph

[*center][*b]:Face shot: [/b]
[*i]pretty basic right? You may use what ever photos you want, just be sure to keep it clean. No child pornography -__- [/i] [/center]

[*b]Personality[/b]: (Here's where it's going to get good~ Start listing traits that they have, perks and quirks. Try to steer clear of likes and dislikes, again, those will come later~)

Please write at least two paragraphs

[*b]Likes[/b]: (told you)


[*b]Strengths[/b]: (what is your character good at? )

[*b]Good Weaknesses[/b]: (for example: I go all gooey over a litter of pups)

[*b]Bad Weaknesses[/b]: (for example: I am allergic to nickle :/)

[*b]History[/b]: Did you read the rules? (You're actually going to just want to put who the parents are on this so that we know. If the parents are not a mated couple, then you can just simply put who the mother is. Children that are born outside of a mated couple will be taken care of by more than one beta mother. This helps them be social and well rounded within the pack.)

[*b]Ritual[/b]: (for child apps, you will actually not have to do a ritual because you will have already been born within the pack. If, however, you would like to write a sample of how to show the pack your specific skills when the child is older to be ranked, you are welcome to do that.)

Please write at least two paragraphs, if you're going to do a sample. Otherwise, you may skip this step.

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