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Once the light of the moon touches our skin, we transform into the monsters that keep the humans from entering our territory. That is what we are. We are the pack.

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1.) No underage sex will be tolerated and all sexual threads need to marked as such with "mature" at the end of the title (ex: The Long Walk (Reita/Mature)). With this said, all extremely violent threads need to be marked with 'violent' at the end to distinguish the two.  

2.) There are ranks! Please see the other thread for the break down of these ranks! You must apply to the admin, REITA specifically FOR these ranks. If you simply put up an app stating that you are the Leader, you will not get the position. Talk to me first. Thank you.  

3.) If you are going to have a family, please speak to Reita so that this family can be documented. If you want to thread with someone that is in a family, but want to have an alternate outcome, please mark those threads at the beginning with 'AU' in front.

4.) If you do not stay active, then you will be contacted via email by me, Reita! If you do not respond within a week of being contacted, then I will terminate your account, deaden your threads and bring up the availability for that muse and his or her rank again.

5.) If you know you're going to be gone, but do not wish for the previous to happen, then you will need to make a notation in the Hiatis thread. This will let not only myself, but other muns know when you expect to return.

6.) If you have a child muse, you must specify the father and mother. If the child was created outside of a mated pair, then the father is to be 'unknown' and the child can/will be raised by other members of the pack to help the single parent.  

7.) RP Sample: DO NOT COPY ANOTHER MUN'S RP SAMPLE. And do not copy your own. Each character is unique, I expect to see it. I don't mind if you do an iterpritive dance and someone's already done that, but don't copy the same dance. Get me?

8.) Any different languages like Japanese, Korean, or others need to have translations like this: "お元気ですか?" (How are you?). Or like this "Ogenki desu ka?" (How are you?) Not all of the users are bilingual, so please be courteous to one another and use English or translation : )

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