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Once the light of the moon touches our skin, we transform into the monsters that keep the humans from entering our territory. That is what we are. We are the pack.

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Ritual of Becoming a Pack Member

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The wolf will first have to get through the ring of the outer defense by the guards. They can do this by trying to sneak through (though if found before they get to the pack, most die) or they can try to find a guard and directly come forth and submit. Some guards will accept the submitter and will allow the wolf to state their business, others will push away or try to kill the outsider.

Once they have gotten the guard to agree to take them to the leader, the guard will signal that his position will need to be replaced. When the other guards either move in closer to adjust for the distance between one another, or another takes his place, the guard will lead the new wolf in and first they will speak to the adviser, where the adviser will decide on whether or not it is appropriate for the other to see their leader. At this point, the new applicant will be checked for identifying marks, and then can make his or her intentions known as to if they want to be entered in to get a rank or if they want to challenge the leader.

-if the new applicant is not marked: Their intentions will be given to the leader before he or she comes out to greet them and assess them.

-if the new applicant is marked: It will depend upon the mark. If it’s an old mating mark that will fade, this will generally be overlooked as it carries no significant mark. If they are branded however, as an outranked omega, then this information will be given to the leader and the leader will decide as earlier stated on where in the pack they will be allowed to reside. At this point, the leader has the right to ask the other why they were marked. If they sense the other is lying, they can kill them or enact a new ritual of outranking. If they sense they are telling the truth, they can slash through the mark to make it void or enact the ritual of outranking as well, or in some cases, can just turn away the new applicant and have the guard escort him or her out of their pack boundaries.

Once the leader has heard what he or she wants, they expect some form of show from the new applicant. A form of dance or singing, or submitting is the norm.

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