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Once the light of the moon touches our skin, we transform into the monsters that keep the humans from entering our territory. That is what we are. We are the pack.

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The Ranks Within the Ranks

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There is only one.


The alpha fe/male that is basically the right hand wo/man of the pack leader. S/he is main adviser* to the leader and will accompany the leader on any task. S/he will assume leadership if the first leader is killed, however, this position will only last for five days of mourning of the passing of the leader (please see rules on ranks for further explanation).

*Provides information that s/he has heard the other pack members talking about, gives advice on how such things would be tolerated and protects the leader directly unless the leader is challenged.

Toon Leaders:
The leader can’t be everywhere at once, especially if three different hunting parties split from the main group. These Alphas are assigned one group of three or four others to hunt larger prey like Elk and Bears. They lead their group as the main leader dictates. The toon leaders are generally the largest of the pack aside from the leader (though this is not always the case). They must be quick thinkers and the most loyal to their leader (aside from the Adviser).

These are the Alphas that are strictly in it to win it. They take orders from the Toon Leaders and the Leader his/her self. They don’t mind getting dirty and are generally rather violent when it comes to hunting. They pick at the food while they bring it back to the pack, but toon leaders normally discourage this, as they can lose track of how much has been eaten.

Usually aggressive towards anyone that’s not within the pack (however, this can exclude their nightly omega choices). They help with protecting the bulk of the pack when the leader is out hunting or doing other things and while the packs of hunters are out doing their chores. They stay close to the outer ring of the territory. They are generally the ones that pick at the food first before the rest of the pack, once it’s been brought back, but if the pack has a good leader, they will not be given more rations than anyone else (though all of the pack is on a first-come-first-served basis).


Because of their smaller stature and quick movements, these few will be the ones to scout ahead and see if there is danger, good food, villages, or other various things. Some scouters will actually accompany hunters for this reason, or even Omegas to help find non-meat food. Scouters can fight, but are not physically trained to fight off a large threat such as a bear or mountain lion.

They are the followers in the toon squads. They follow orders given by the alphas in command, but they are quick and precise about hunting and are not aggressive unless provoked. They are the general packs that will help one another take down a large threat or food source. When they are not hunting, they are generally mingling with the rest of the pack or spending time with their mates and children if they have any. They very rarely take on sexual encounters with omegas simply because alphas are generally possessive over their favorites and will interrupt when they please.

When a beta is not strong enough to hunt, or fast enough to scout, they stay within the pack territory and help with the omegas, just without the title. These are generally the mates of other betas or alphas and are generally the women of the pack (though women are easily accepted into the higher ranks, as long as they show the skills needed).


Head omega:
This is generally the one that the leader fancies as his/her own. S/he is generally located within the pack territory at all times so that s/he is available when called to. S/he helps train the other omegas on how to act and work properly so that they are out of the way.

Natural omegas:
The general pick of the group, they are shared between a few different alphas, but they have generalities on who chooses them. All omegas share in the work load within the pack territory, but they also take turns on who goes out with a beta or in rare occasions, a guard, to scavenge for food or water (packs are generally located near fresh water, but if they’re on the move, then this can be something that the omegas will have to actively search for).

Unranked Omegas:
If a pack is strong and honest, there will not be many, if any within the pack. These are basically punished wolves that have been removed to whatever rank they were, their will broken, and are forced to act almost as slaves to whoever they afflicted or to the whole pack. (Rules of breaking another wolf to this rank will be further explained later)

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