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Once the light of the moon touches our skin, we transform into the monsters that keep the humans from entering our territory. That is what we are. We are the pack.

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Atsushi Sakurai, The Lost Wolf

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1Atsushi Sakurai, The Lost Wolf Empty Atsushi Sakurai, The Lost Wolf on Tue Jul 07, 2015 12:01 am


~All About You~
This section is all about you, please just give the other users a brief description about you so they know who they're playing with, and if you may have other characters that they would like a thread with.

Your Name: (Akri)

Your Age: 26

Your Email: PM me please. I will consider giving it too you.

~Your Muse~

Name: Atsushi Sakurai

Age: 149

Band: Buck-Tick

Height: 5'10"

Rank Preference: Alpha

Sexuality: No preference

Position: Dominant

Description: Atsushi is a fit young man. Standing at 5'10", he found him slightly taller than those around him. With a slender build and lean muscles, he had a body most tailors would love to dress. Spending a good portion of his youth indoors, his skin was lighter than most, a soft tan that almost seemed white in the right light. Visually, he is rather unusual. Atsushi has dark eyes, narrow and surrounded by long lashes. Full lips, high cheekbones, and a straight nose, he is near statuesque. He is oddly...hypnotic. He draws the eye like a magnet. Add in raven black hair, it only adds to his odd allure.

Raised by humans, Atsushi has an unusual love of clothes. Shirts are optional with him, usually loose when he decides to wear them, but he always wears a pair of pants; a trait left over from the propriety of humans trained into him. Unlike his shirt, his pants are usually tight, hugging his body like a glove. His hair, a deep black is usually kept in two styles. In the cooler months, he lets his hair grow out, a black waterfall, smooth and flowing down to his midback. Once the heat starts to come, he hacks his hair off, short and choppy. He keeps a few select pieces long that he often decorates with beads and feathers. Once in a while, on a whim, he will paint his face. Simple in design, usually just decorating his lips and eyes.

:Face shot: [second image is for his hair only]
Atsushi Sakurai, The Lost Wolf 54702_10Atsushi Sakurai, The Lost Wolf Hqdefa10

Personality: Atsushi is an unusual wolf. Where other wolves, especially other alphas, enjoy the thrill of the hunt, the power of domination, Atsushi does not. In fact, he dislikes violence and has no real feelings about dominion or submission. Hunting is something he prefers to do as only a necessity, and with a decent sized pack, his skills and power are rarely required. Guarding, scouting...all the things the alphas are meant to do, have a hidden desire to do, Atsushi seems to abhor. Though he is in fact an alpha, Atsushi tends to stay within the confines of their territory doing the work of the omegas. Playing with the children, tending to elders, even doing laundry of the few clothes they have [not exactly a necessity in their culture].

How is someone like Atsushi an alpha? Simply, he can not submit. Though he has no desire to dominate in any way, Atsushi has a strange charm about him. Those that meet him, desire to submit. He is sensual, calm, and has a charisma that screams power. His body screams of predator, yet his mind his far more...human. The odd mixture has a strange effect on those around him.

One last important tidbit. With Atsushi's lycan heritage and human upbringing, his mannerisms are slightly skewed. Between a dominant predator nature and the mind of a human, Atsushi's movements often times seem more vampiric in spite of his wolfish nature. Even so, don't let the simple sultriness fool you, he has claws and he will use them.

Likes: clothes, children, stories from the elders

Dislikes: hunting, alpha work

Strengths: creating unity, his sexual appeal

Good Weaknesses: can not help wanting to please his pack or keep them happy

Bad Weaknesses: very low sexual desire [tends to only become sexual when approached]

History: Atsushi was, unlike many, born a wolf. With such a large territory, smaller packs had formed, spreading out over their lands. Atsushi had been born to one of these smaller packs. While he was still a young pup, his pack had been changing areas. With the curiosity of a pup, he'd wandered around inspecting new sights and smells, unaware that in his play, his pack was drawing farther and farther away. He'd been trailing a small yellow butterfly for several hours before he'd grown bored. Leaving the butterfly, he turned to find his parents only to find the entire where in sight. He could not even scent them anymore. In a panic, Atsushi ran. Unfamiliar with the area and with no scent of his pack, he'd only made himself more disoriented. Lost and alone, his frantic running had died down to aimless wandering and desperate cries for his family. As a few hours gave way to night;night to day; one day to several, he'd found himself with no way to return home and no way to find safety. Hungry and lost, he'd laid down and cried out to the empty forest around him until he'd fallen asleep, unaware of a young couple bundling him up in a cloth and carrying him away.

Atsushi's life in the village had been a little unusual. Unable to turn human yet, the young couple had kept him indoors, tending to his feeding and care. Still little more than a newborn, he'd quickly accepted them as his parents. Learning how to turn human had been difficult. It had frightened him the first time he'd done so. As he learned more control over the ability, even managing to maintain a human form, his parents had started to teach him. Speech, chores, writing. They'd even let him out of the house, taking him out into the village to play with the other children. He'd adjusted to life, playing with the others and even managing some schooling. Though his parents kept him home and locked inside every full moon, unable to maintain his human form on such nights. He grew, lovelier with each day. It wasn't long until the others he'd grown with, even others started to follow after him. Even growing in a human world, he still had the beauty of the wolves.

He'd loved the humans, found himself content in his life, not knowing any other. But as the years passed, as he aged, so did his parents. Like every other human, their life had to come to an end. Near the ends of their life, they'd taken him aside. Sitting with his parents, he'd listened to their tale. A young couple, out gathering herbs finding a lost pup. Bringing him home and raising him as a child of their own, the child they had never had. It had taken him weeks to come to terms with what they'd told him. The truth of his heritage had surprised him. He had always known he was different, and yet it had never occured to him as why. As time passed, so too did they. With no family left, a sudden realization hit him. If he was truly one of these wolves, he would stay as he was as those he cared for, those he'd loved and grown with...died around him. With this in mind, and a grief in his heart, he sought out the village elder. Speaking to him of the hidden truth of his parents, he'd asked the elder to guide him to the pack. If he truly was one of the pack, it would be his only salvation from grief.

The trip to the pack had been long and arduous. He'd never quite realized how different he could be until the trip. Things that came easily to him seemed to give the others more trouble than he could understand. It had taken nearly a month to reach the home of the main pack, traveling with them. After the trip, he realized he could have made it in a fraction of the time on his own. After speaking with the leader of the pack, he'd found himself rejoined with a family he had no memory of and a life, he could not understand. Even so, he'd settled into the pack life, but as time passed it became more and more obvious that he would forever be an anomoly among their kind. Even so, he found a sense of happiness among the others, and a place for his oddities. He found a second home.

Ritual: Atsushi walked through the trees, his eyes staring up at trees, darting to the occassional face that would breach his line of sight. He could hear sounds coming out of the forest, life becoming more evident the more the trees thinned. An occassional plot of land tilled and planted, a hut or cave with a child running around. Small animals that were clearly pets scampered around the thinner groups of trees as the occassional face turned to small groups. Silent stares turned to hushed whispers as they moved from trees to a clearing. Looking around it became obvious that this was the place they called home.

Unsure of what to do, he'd followed his elder deeper into the clearing. Looking around at the people...or rather wolves he supposed, that started to gather around, he came to a stop a step behind the elder human. Watching him, he looked up to see a young man coming towards them. Glancing back at the elder, was watched as the man bowed and found himself copying. After all, he had no idea how to do this, so he stayed silent as he let his elder speak.

"Greetings," came an aged voice. "I am sorry to intrude on your gathering, but I have come to offer forward this lad. He is of your kind and has long been lost. We have cared for and raised him, but it is time for him to come home. We send our deepest apologies for keeping a child of yours away for so long, and hope you will not take it as offence." Straightening up, the older man stepped back waving for Atsushi to step forward, placing his hand on the young wolf's back when he was at his side. "This is Atsushi. I hope you will take him in. He is an odd one, but I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised."

Atsushi took a step forward, once again looking around before facing the man his elder had spoken too. "I'm Atsushi. I suppose it's nice to meet you," he said, his voice deep and sultry. He could see a few people in the corner of his eye perking up at the sound of it. Others seemed intrigued. He only tilted his head, his hair falling over his shoulder as he watched the wolf leader in silence, awaiting his decision.

who are we? We Are The Pack

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2Atsushi Sakurai, The Lost Wolf Empty Re: Atsushi Sakurai, The Lost Wolf on Tue Jul 07, 2015 6:11 pm


You have been accepted. Your rank will be considered as Alpha, and your duty is to care for the omegas.

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