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Once the light of the moon touches our skin, we transform into the monsters that keep the humans from entering our territory. That is what we are. We are the pack.

August 2019

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Yukihiro, Your Alpha Leader

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1Yukihiro, Your Alpha Leader Empty Yukihiro, Your Alpha Leader on Wed Jul 08, 2015 8:27 pm


~All About You~

Your Name: ~AVA~

Your Age: 30

Your Email:

~Your Muse~

Yukihiro, Your Alpha Leader VBvNB0
Yukihiro, Your Alpha Leader 7GHoCI

Name: Awaji, Yukihiro

Age: Early 30s by his looks, otherwise, just old.

Band: L'Arc-en-Ciel, Acid Android

Height: roughly 5'5"

Rank Preference: Alpha Leader

Sexuality: Pan

Position: Yukihiro will mate, but it's not exactly high on his priority list.

Yukihiro might look lazy and passive, but he is very nicely built from top to bottom. With a tight musculature, the only real flaw in his physique is the set of four long scars that start between his shoulder blades, wrapping down and around his side to right at his lower stomach, barely missing his groin area. His hair is mousy-brown, fringed and choppy, but stylish. He keeps the feathers of hawks woven into it as an accessory. His chest and shoulders are well muscled, solid, and very nearly always bare. His skin is sun touched, bronzed, sleek. His face is chiseled, with his high cheekbones and squared jawline, he presents an imposing figure. His deep brown eyes seem to look straight through you, but you can also feel that piercing gaze trying to read your very soul. His arms are thick, toned from baring the weight of his pack, leading them through the terrain of the forest as they moved about their territory over the years, building new homes when the old spots had fallen into disrepair.
His body size grows, becoming heavier and more muscular. He retains much of his human structure, especially in his face, but his ears become elongated and his fingers become more clawlike. His strength is triple what it usually is, so he has to be careful of himself. His skin darkens slightly and he becomes a bit hairier than he is normally. In this form, he still has 98% of his mental control and can still tell right from wrong. He can also communicate verbally.
He grows to anywhere between 6'8" and 7' tall, and weighs in over 200 pounds. His fur is thick and ebony colored, soft to the touch. It covers a stony musculature, the thickness of his flesh hard to believe. He has little to no control of his mental state and can be very dangerous if crossed.
This form is between Beastial and Lupine. He is larger than the average wolf, with longer, ganglier limbs, a larger head and thicker snout, and longer fur. He is still black, but has a dusty red hue across his back. He has mental control, but no human communication skills.
Black and dusty red wolf. Average size and build, but faster and stronger than usual. He has mental control and no human communication skills.

:Face shot:
Awaji Yukihiro
Yukihiro, Your Alpha Leader 8NDk6Z

Yukihiro is a quiet man, contemplative. He hardly makes any decision on a whim, preferring to conference with his advisors and those close to him that he trusts to ensure that each choice is best for the pack as a whole. He sees all of them as one entity, a single body, and each time something changes, he contemplates the affect it will have. Yukihiro prefers to ensure that ALL are well, healthy and hale, rather than just one or two members. While he keeps the hierarchy in check and in line, he leads them all in such a way that there is as much harmony as nature will allow. He is fair and just, doling punishments just as easily as he gives accolades to his followers. He's kept them all safe and thriving for many years, a fact that he is proud to boast from time to time.

He can just as easily be found walking through camp with pups hanging on his arms and legs as he could be sitting in meditation or speaking with his Advisors and other Alphas. He isn't all business, all the time. He can be relaxed and comfortable and have fun when he wants. He knows that his pack being happy and comfortable is the number one objective in his world, and he will go out of his way to ensure that.

Likes: joining hunts; full moons; his pack

Dislikes: droughts; intruders; humans hunting his kind

Strengths: decision making; reading the seasons; keeping everyone safe; keeping the humans at bay; is skilled at tracking through scent and markings

Good Weaknesses: the pups love to use him as a jungle gym

Bad Weaknesses: his Beastial form is hard to control

Yukihiro was born into the very pack he now leads many, many seasons ago. His mother left the pack shortly after, leaving him to be raised by the rest of the members. He was an astute child, quite and thoughtful, quick to learn and apply his lessons. He was something of a loner, although he did have friends among the other pups and cubs. He just prefered to do things his own way. As happens in most social living situations, Yukihiro was bullied, often times resulting in a brawl of sorts, many of which he lost early on in life. As he grew older, though, he became stronger, faster, more agile. He joined hunts readily when he was old enough, slinking quietly among the trees, not even the rustle of his jet black fur giving him away. The years passed as they will, seasons changing as the pack ranged across their territory between hunting areas and freshwater. In time, he had 'collected' a small group of followers, males and females that adored him, although he never really understood why.

As an adult, Yukihiro could be counted on to tell anyone exactly what was going on. Ever watchful, mindful of his pack, his family, he kept close watch on the leaders. The Alpha Leader he had grown up under had become old and fat with power, although he was still formidable. Time would come soon that another would need to step in, and he knew that those beneath the leader would not be fit for it. Young though he was compared to most, Yukihiro began to craft his plans. He wasn't a devious man, just one that cared too much for those he loved and wanted to protect. He knew what was being whispered in the shadows, though he shared his thoughts with no one. Not even his closest friend knew what was going on inside of his head.

Carefully, he worked himself into a position to be nearer the center of things, eager to learn but remaining in such a way as to not let on his intentions. When the timing was right, he stepped into the center of the camp one night, just after the last full moon of winter, and in a voice no one knew he could raise so much, he made his challenge. The Alpha Leader had been amused, trying to call his bluff, but Yukihiro remained unmoved, standing tall in the light of the stars, the old glyphs of power and strength drawn on his skin in fresh river mud. Seeing this, the old Wolf had given his consent for the challenge. The following morning, the fighting had begun.

More than once over the course of the following three months, Yukihiro almost died from his wounds. The Alpha's were strong, driven by their fierce desire to maintain their positions, to keep hold of their limited power beneath the Alpha Leader. But Yukihiro was driven by his youth and his will to see the pack thrive. One by one, the others fell, bloodied and wretched into the ground. It didn't matter if it was rain or shine, Yukihiro met each challenge with a ferocity that even he couldn't comprehend. After each, he spent a week being tended to, his wounds mending and his bones healing as best they could under the circumstances. More than one of his friends came to him, begging him to give up this horrible challenge, but he wouldn't. He couldn't. He'd rather have died than to become the lowest of the low in his own mind.

His battle with the Advisor had been brutal. Taking place during a torrential thunderstorm, the muddied ground had made it all the more difficult to maintain their footing. The Advisor had been large, his Beastial body nearly the size of a full grown grizzly bear. And he'd been strong, too. So strong. Yukihiro's body was wracked with pain of wounds that couldn't fully heal between fights, bones that could barely knit even to a slight fracture because of the brutality of the sport. He was thrown, sliding and sprawling through the mud, losing his control of his form, his broken human body coming to rest beneath a weather beaten tree. Panting, gasping, he tried to rise, but his arms and legs refused to move. His eyes were blurring, darkening around the edges as the Advisor lurched closer, growling and drooling in his rage. As if the old gods, or nature itself, were pulling for Yukihiro, lightning flashed overhead, causing a large section of the canopy to come crashing down. Pulling his strength one last time, Yukihiro tore free a section of branch and thrust it toward the other, impaling him upon it. The fight was over. Yukihiro lost conciousness.

He spent most of a month in a coma of sorts, his body fighting for life as he was tended to day and night. His dreams were plagued with the battle, and often times he'd cry out, thrashing and opening wounds that didn't seem to want to stop bleeding. In time, he slowly began to heal, and when he finally awoke, he could finally move without crying out in pain. Ignoring the pleadings of those around him again, Yukihiro stepped into the center of camp again, only days before the first snow was supposed to fall, and called his challenge to the Alpha Leader. Again, the Leader tried to call his bluff, telling him it wasn't too late to back down. And again, Yukihiro refused. He'd come this far, he would not go back.

The old Leader proved his worth in great strides that day. It was all the younger Wolf could do to fend off the blows and shy away from the powerful lunges. His body, still battered, was shaking all over, and holding his lower forms took more energy and concentration than he would have liked. Still, he fought, striking, biting, trying to use the other's great mass against him. The sun set, and they were still battling. Blood from both warriors soaked into the ground, splattered against the trees. Most of the pack had scattered, watching from the fringes, afraid of the outcome. Somehow, just before dawn, Yukihiro found the core of his determination and strength, and managed to find just enough within himself to take his Beastial form. Not one he tapped into very often, the blood lust and rage of his purebread Wolf leapt free, and when the others emerged with the sunrise, the former Leader was nearly unrecognizable, and Yukihiro was barely breathing.

Months passed before the new Alpha Leader was able to present himself to his Pack, but those who had been most loyal to him in his life made sure no one doubted his cause. On the first warm day of spring the following year, Yukihiro limped out of his bed on all fours, his fur thick and glistening, and into the light. At first, there was silence as they all waited to see what he would do. Standing tall, he looked over everyone gathered, then raised his head in a sweet howl of victory and unity. One by one, his Pack joined in until the entire forest rang with the song of the Wolves.

Upholding the pack law had been easy once he'd fully learned it. Over the years, he'd allowed many to join their ranks, had overseen rituals and hunts, and had actually turned out more than a handful for some reason or another. And much more he'd done in unifying his pack into a cohesive group. They generally worked together, although, as there always had been and always would be, there were spats and disagreements and fights now and then. But nothing that would damage the calm of the group too badly.

At the last full moon, he'd overseen the burial of his Advisor. Mauled by a bear, he'd been told. Yukihiro hadn't been there, so could neither confirm nor deny the claim. Still, he'd spent a number of years in counsel with the other, and would miss the man's wise words. Bowing his head, he'd said a short prayer that he would hunt great game in the ever after, and find freedom in the winds.

Now, he stood before the assembled masses, noting how much the pack had grown, even without the scouts and smaller groupings that lived within the territory. The pups jockeyed for position, wanting to look bravest and toughest before their Leader. He hid a smile. Motioning, he called Reita forward.

"Advisor," he said, his voice deep, but light. "The position is yours, if you will it. Prove to me in the next moon cycle that you are worthy of my side. Of my counsel. Then, we will see. Do you accept?"

He eyed the man, waiting for his answer.

who are we? THE PACK! *howls at the moon*

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2Yukihiro, Your Alpha Leader Empty Re: Yukihiro, Your Alpha Leader on Wed Jul 08, 2015 9:03 pm


All will bow before our Alpha Leader.

And I accept *wofish grin*

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