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Once the light of the moon touches our skin, we transform into the monsters that keep the humans from entering our territory. That is what we are. We are the pack.

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Leader Alpha:
Pretty basic; the leader of the pack, as well as the strongest. Makes all final decisions generally based on the well-being of his/her pack. Helps provide for the whole of the pack in rations such as food, water, sleep, and has first pick of the Omegas. Can mate with whomever they wish within the pack be it another alpha (very rare), beta (common), or omega (rare). May or may not have a strong sex drive, depending on the leader.

In various ranks, these are the dominant wolves of the pack, but are not as strong as the leader (or else they would be the leader). They help carry out decisions made by the leader, and advise their leader on everything that is going on in the pack (these ranks will be defined further down). They protect the pack mostly, because they are the strongest, but some ranks will have them the leaders of “toons” smaller hunting or fighting groups. Can mate with whomever they wish, though in the event they choose the Leader, they have to submit which is not common for another alpha to do so. Generally has a very high sex drive.

The middle “class” of the pack. They are usually what makes up the sum of the pack. They are generally mated with Alphas or amongst one another. A beta can be dominant or submissive, but they do not take orders from everyone, only their alphas or their leader. Most betas are hunters because they are quick and in full wolf form are smaller and harder to spot and do not have a strong smell. Betas do not have a high sex drive unless they are mated, in which case this can either change this for the better or worse, but they do not generally mingle with the Omegas. Most beta females will help raise the pups together unless it is a pup from a mating (this is a rank amongst the betas and will be further explained later).

Being the weakest of the pack, they help with maintenance depending on where the pack is stationed, be it with small things such as sacks for food and water, clothing if anyone wishes to wear it, or helping with the caring of pups. They also gather food from plants and help take up the water and purify it when needed. To put it bluntly, omegas are generally the whores of the group. Alphas generally mess around with them, when the alphas don’t want to take a mate. There are also different ranks among the Omegas, which will again, be explained later on.

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