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Once the light of the moon touches our skin, we transform into the monsters that keep the humans from entering our territory. That is what we are. We are the pack.

June 2019

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The Advisor: Reita

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~All About You~

Your Name: Shelby/Ryu

Your Age: 24 as of Spring of 2015

Your Email:
(message me if you have any questions!!!)

The Advisor: Reita Reita-the-gazette-3261323-351-500

~Your Muse~

Name: Reita / Suzuki, Akira

Age: Looks 25, age is unknown.

Band: the GazettE.

Height: 6'0" / 182.88 cm

Rank Preference: Advisor, Alpha

Sexuality: Bi-sexual

Position: Completely Dominant

Description: Reita is tall and well built, but has a very slim fit look to him. He's strong and has very smooth tan skin, free of hair, except for on the top of his head. He covers his nose with a piece of hide (this will be explained later as to why). His eyes when human are rather a dull brown color from afar, but when he's up close and personal, a sliver of gold runs through both eyes like a creek sideways.

He has a mix of ash blonde and golden color hair that is a bit on the lengthy side for a man in our times, but in the depicted times, it's actually a little short, but it doesn't grow any more. When in his wolf forms, Reita is actually a very light colored wolf (a mix of white, light gray and a slightly darker gray). His eyes become a starburst blue with white flakes.

As a human, Reita walks carefully and lightly. He's rather quick on his feet and is often thought to be in several places at once because of this. However, when in his Parahuman form, Reita's speed slows down greatly. He grows a couple of inches taller and his muscles get thicker slightly, and he grows a lot more hair on his arms, legs, back, and chest. Reita's size is typical for an Advisor to the pack leader. He is very similar to Maro's pup's size.

:Face shot:
The Advisor: Reita Reita-the-gazette-28305129-354-500

Personality: The best way to first describe Reita is like the wind. Calm and cool at first, but can be harsh and blistering suddenly. His moods change as the wind does, first he’ll be laughing and carrying on, then he’ll swing into a massive depression followed by rather angry slurs the next, but before you know it, he’s back to laughing. Despite his moods, however, Reita is a loving and very loyal person. He would protect the pack with everything he has because the pack is family, in Reita’s eyes.

When he’s not the life of the party, Reita is very calm and collected. He enjoys long walks in the forest alone or maybe with one person, if he’s in the mood for company. He can be artistic at times, but it generally only comes out when he’s swimming in the stream. Reita loves to smile and he loves to make other’s smile. He has a quick and dry sense of humor, but his temper can also be just the opposite. He’s curt and brash and will snap at anything or anyone, though despite this, he tries to be calm and understanding around the pups.

Likes: pups, baths, birds, rain, running

Dislikes: standing still, round stones, thunderstorms, flower (allergies)

Strengths: Reita is very quick on his feet in his human form, Paralupine form, and Lupine form, he’s very physically strong (can lift over 950 pounds), and he’s very calm around children.

Good Weaknesses: pups, wild flowers (despite his allergies), song birds

Bad Weaknesses: he’s afraid of thunder (though he tries to hide it)

History: Reita was born and raised in the town that the pack refers to as Ville de Petits Hommes. He had a loving mother and father and two older sisters, who he would play with in the back yard and dare to go into the forest with their parents weren’t watching. Reita was a kind and loving child, but he was not a favorite among the other village children because of his mood swings. They would laugh at him and throw little round stones at him and call him ‘caméléon’.

Because of this, he would often play alone in the forest, while his older sisters did chores with their mother and father. He was pattled many times when he was caught going out into the forest, because his mother thought it was the devils playground. But it never stopped him from going. He learned how to walk silently through the underbrush of the forest with his bare feet, and would often go about and find tracks and follow them to little holes and burros. He liked to draw pictures of the birds of the forest, but he soon lost the skill of drawing as he became older.

When he was 25, he was married and his wife was with child. He’d taken over the family business from his father; a small group of men that helped build and repair the other neighbor’s homes. He was a simple man with simple needs. It was then that he first heard the rumors of a wolf pack coming close to the village, but Reita never believed that they would come within its boundaries.

One night, while his wife and he were sleeping, a noise woke Reita from the living area. At first he didn’t want to wake his wife, but the noise kept bothering him, wanting to know what had made the sound. Slowly, he’d crept out of bed and made his way to the door, peeking through the crack, only to see three large men rummaging through his things, taking whatever they could find of value and stuffing it away into black hide-skin sacks.

Reita had not been able to control his anger as he’d suddenly burst through the door, his arms swinging, screaming at the top of his lungs. The men easily beat him down. Where he’d gone in with nothing, they had blunt objects ready for any disturbances. After beating him nearly to death, they moved on to the bedroom and did unspeakable things to his pregnant wife before they murdered her in cold blood.

It was then that he heard the calls of the wolves, but if he’d been in his right state of mind, he would have realized that they weren’t just near, they were right outside the walls of his home. Before any of the four men knew it, four large wolves crashed through the window, shattering the glass and splintering the wood easily, growling and snarling as they rushed the three thieves and killed them quickly.

Reita was drug out of his home by his arm, the dead men done the same. They took a long walk through the forest before finally arriving at a clearing in the trees. When Reita was let go, he looked around through darkened vision and saw that he’d been brought to a tribe of heathens! The men and women both walked around with little to nothing on. The children too. They were all marked with some form of… what? Blood? They were looking at him too, as if surprised that he wasn’t dead like the other men.

A larger man came up to him then and simply looked at him then down to his arm before he was taken away and tied up to a mast in the middle of the territory. He was fed and given water whenever he asked, but he stayed tied down for several days before they finally released him… on the night of the full moon.

The first thing he noticed when he was cut free, was that his nose was missing. He'd noticed something wasn't right with his vision, but without his hands, he'd not known that all that remained was a hideous gap where the bone ended and the cartilage should have started. Upon receiving his hands, a woman came over and gently tied a piece of hide around his nose. He thanked her and was led over to the larger man from before.

Shortly after, his body transformed into that of a great beast and the alpha guards and hunters escorted him around the forest, helping him hone his powers and to transform between the five stages easily. Because of his strength and size, they ranked him quickly into the alpha Guards position. Then he worked up to a toon leader and after spending many years in that position, after the Advisor of the pack died from an hunting accident (or so they claimed), Reita was offered the position.

He took it happily and easily worked into the job title. And that, is where his story continues…

The Advisor: Reita Reiwolf_zpsy9kcz4xq


His arm was in immense pain, the blood running down the puncture wounds, mixing with the great beast’s saliva. At first he’d tried to roll away. He hadn’t really cared about the condition he would put his arm into, only that he get free from the animal’s jaws. But he had been too weak to even try, the throbbing in his head belittled by the feel of the wolf’s great jaws clamped tightly into and around his flesh. Every jerk it made, it rose an anguished cry through gritted teeth through the man’s lips, as it drug him over the floor boards of his home, out onto the grass and into the underbrush of the forest.

What are they going to do to me? He wondered to himself, tears of… what? Pain? Sadness?... Fear? They rolled down his cheeks easily, as he slowly gave up on the fight, letting the creature pull him through and over the ground of the forest.

He whimpered again when the beast growled loudly. He couldn’t see what was happening in front of them, only what was following them. Three more wolves in variance of color dragging the bodies of the thieves in the same fashion that he was being dragged. Oh Gods… I’m going to die… He thought to himself then, but this didn’t make sense. Because if he was to die, the wolves would have had no problem with tearing his throat out like they’d done the evil men that had stolen into his house, tried to steal his things and then… oh god, his wife…. His unborn child… They had done terrible things… such unspeakable things to his beautiful wife… Tears of sorrow were definitely falling now as he looked up past the trees. He couldn’t pray for her properly, but he hoped that in his state, she would at least forgive him for this…

The trees slowly began to thin out little by little, until they came to a clearing. He could see the sliver of a moon in the middle of the sky before he was dropped down, rolling over and doubling over in pain. “He’s not dead.” He heard a man say lowly and deeply, Reita turning his head to the voice as he noticed a heathen man standing in front of the wolf that had dragged him the whole way from his house. At first he thought it simply a trick of his eyes, but no… that wolf… that… thing was transforming from an animal into a man, as he huffed. “No… He will be of great use to us.”

Reita didn’t know what they meant… but he knew he would soon find out.

who are we? We are the Pack~

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